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  1. ADIONA - Sci-Fi
    'Best UK Screenplay' - World Film Fair 2018. Winner of 'Honorable Mention' NYISA 2018.
    An astronaut awakes from cryo-sleep to find his ship lost and drifting without power in deep space. With a crew member dead and the temperature plummeting he faces a race against time to restore power and discover the cause of the catastrophe.
  2. Raised In God's Country
    Sean Kilcoyne is an honest, clean cop. But he is also a Kilcoyne. When his estranged family of underworld criminals approach him for help, he must take a side. Will he chose duty to his badge, or loyalty to his family?
  3. This Is What Will Be
    An estranged Texas family reunite after their youngest member is brutally murdered. They are forced to travel into the lawless, gold rich, Black Hills to find the killer and ensure justice is served.
  4. The Elpis - Sci-Fi
    Quarter Finalist - LA International Screenplay Awards 2018
    A salvage crew travel to Jupiter to recover the remains of a spaceship that disappeared two centuries earlier. What they discover calls into question everything humanity has come to believe.
  1. A Gentle Breeze
    A reclusive fourteen year old boy reluctantly befriends his new neighbour. Just as he begins to trust his new friend, the stranger's past catches up with him and the boy is unwillingly pitched into a terrifyingly dangerous game.
  2. Jackson Land
    A US Marshal on the trail of the outlaw that killed his grandfather helps an astonishingly brave and fascinating widow defend her homestead from a band of murderous commancheros. He nobly intends to save her life, but it turns out to be Ma Jackson that indelibly changes his.
  1. The Juice
    Crime Comedy
    With a three million dollar bounty on his head a New York mob lawyer, turned rat, flees to the secluded mountains of... Wales. When word gets out, three disparate groups of English and Irish career criminals compete in a race against time to carry out the contract hit.
  2. Dust
    Crime Thriller
    $800k and Neil can escape the life - a life spent illegally smuggling people and contraband across the U.S. - Mexican border. He's had enough and his target is close. Before he can reach his goal however he must face a terrible moral dilemma when his last loads turns out to be two Islamic terrorists.