Ian Causer: Screenwriter/Actor/Author 
Represented by robin Wade, Wade & Co Literary Agency
Mike Warne did what he had to do. But the consequences for his past actions are now catching up with him.
With the threat of terrorism charges hanging over his head like the Sword of Damocles, Mike is forced into taking on a deadly and deniable mission - Find and nuetralise a traitor hiding in the ISIS controlled Syrian desert.
If he can achieve the impossible, the promise of a normal life awaits - courtesy of a shadowy government contact that Warne simply cannot trust.
The past is catching up with Mike Warne. Eight years ago whilst serving in the British Army in Iraq he stole something from the wrong people. Now out of the army, his thievery forgotten, the men he stole from have tracked him down and are demanding restitution.
With his family kidnapped as collateral, Mike has ten days to recover the merchandise or face a fate worse than death. His mission takes him across two continents and into the murky worlds of global terror and organised crime.
Will he meet his deadline with the devil or will his family pay the ultimate price for his past sins?
Finding himself top of 'Europe's Most Wanted' list was never an ambition for Mike Warne. With no friends, allies or options he is forced into living rough and drinking himself into an early grave.

Mike may think that things cannot get any worse, but he would be very wrong.

A brutal assault leaves him in a coma and when his identity is discovered the authorities wing their way to arrest him. An unlikely alliance with an old friend is his only hope.

Can the girl he once saved spirit Mike out of Europe and towards a life that reintroduces hope and a reason to live?